Your Computer Doctor has over thirty years experience with PC and Mac hardware and software. Our first PC customer had an IBM PC with two floppy drives. Our first Mac customer had the original Macintosh with one floppy drive. A lot has changed in thirty plus years. Twenty five years ago we began using and supporting the Linux operating system. That makes three operating systems we support: Windows, OS/X and Linux.

Keeping up with two product lines and three operating systems is a handful. That is why we do not support smart phones, tablets (iPad or Android), TV's or Chromebooks. We just don’t have the time needed to do become proficient with those devices.

Virus Removal

Viruses are one of the most common causes for a computer to become infected with malware, which may result in loss of data, documents and operating system functionality.

Cliff at ES Computer Doctor has the skills required to successfully remove viruses from computers without damaging any data or files on your machine. Specialized methods are used to isolate and eliminate viruses without harming your machine's contents or effectiveness. You can rest assured knowing that if it's a virus that needs fixing, we're just a phone call away.

Virus Removal
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Mac Repair

Are you having problems with your Mac?

Whether you've got a MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac or desktop Mac, we can help. ES Computer Doctor is a full service Mac repair solution in the Eureka Springs area. From system problems to hardware upgrades, we do it all. Plus, many software issues can be solved remotely.

Mac Repair
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Debbie Davis review for es computer doctor
Photo by Debbie Davis

Cliff has installed new computer equipment for my business and also done troubleshooting for my POS system. He is very knowledgeable about how systems work and how to tailor the best system or website for your individual needs. I recommend him! ~Debbie Davis, Fleece and Flax

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PC Repair

Our mission is to fully resolve your personal computer problems efficiently and affordably. Whether it's a hardware issue, connectivity problems, start up problems, or data recovery, ES Computer Doctor has the expertise to handle most anything, and get you back up to speed again.

Simply call 479.981.2566 or use this simple form to set up an appointment.

PC Computer Repair
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Business and Commercial Computer Services

ES Computer Doctor offers a myriad of commercial IT services. These include diagnosing, installing, configuring, maintaining, and solving a variety of computer or system problems. We offer honest, effective hardware and software solutions that will meet your business’s technology needs. We are trained in many aspects of computer systems and are committed to providing you the best customer service possible.

Business and Commercial Computer Services
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I was new in town and had a computer problem that was causing me to be unable to use my computer in almost every capacity. I happened to meet Cliff in a neighborhood coffee shop and he was able to immediately correct the issue. Even though he was working on another project at the time, he stopped what he was doing to help me. A different problem cropped up in a couple of days and Cliff met me immediately and took care of that problem as well. Not only this, but he is entirely reasonable with pricing. He is knowledgeable and efficient, and I recommend him without qualification to anyone who needs help with a computer issue.
Alex Haley ~Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Connection and Hardware Set-up

Whether it's your home or business, sometimes help is needed to set up or connect computer components properly, so you can move forward again. We have helped many hundreds of people through the years solve such problems and have become a trusted source for many others like you. This may include such things as modems, routers, switches, access points, internet problems, cabling, or just a slow computer.

Our reputation is built on giving you the kind of service that solves setup and connection problems so you can have everything working well again.

Computer Hardware Repair

Some issues are hardware related. We have a wide variety of extensive experience to solve computer hardware problems. If this is your situation, you'll be in good hands with a local Eureka Springs professional who is committed to solving hardware issues in a prompt and affordable manner. This could include such matters as files taking too long to download, delays in accessing files, sudden computer shutdowns, frozen screens, unusual noises, or a failure when trying to start your computer.

Call 479.981.2566 or fill out the simple contact form with your info and we'll get back as soon as we can so you can put hardware problems behind you and run smoothly again.

Remote Computer Service and Repair in NW Arkansas and beyond.

Long distance computer help northwest arkansas
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ES Computer Doctor is a trusted and affordable source with years of experience in long-distance support.

While some repair situations require an onsite visit, many computer problems can be solved remotely.

Here are some that can usually be addressed long-distance. . .

– Computer is running slowly
– Virus or malware removal
– Software configuration, repair, or updates
– Printer Issues
– Password problems and changes
– Internet browser settings or problems
– Computer display problems
– Email issues
– And more

Cliff Bailey
Cliff Bailey

Over the years we have writen computer programs in languages ranging from COBOL to Smalltalk. We have also supported computer hardware, software and written programs in several languages on mainframes, mini-computers and PC's. We still write the occasional program, however, most of our time is now spent supporting residential and business customer’s PC and Mac computers – solving their computer problems.

We serve Eureka Springs, Holiday Island, Berryville, Huntsville, Beaver, Clifty and areas nearby, including zip codes 72632, 72631, 72626, 72740, and western parts of 72756. We also serve retail, office and commercial clients in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville.

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